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March 6, 2012
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Hello~, so as promised, here is my entry for :iconprincesssarah16:'s DID contest ^_^
About the making time, I generally try to not take more than three days for my personal artworks, and I needed altogether 9 days to achieve this one (some difficulties with the many characters, fixes to do, and extra-work on details and atmosphere...). Here is the description (sorry for the mistakes!) :

After Taka achieved to capture Hachibi, the team decided to recover from their wounds in their giant skeleton-made hideout, while Sasuke was planning to attack the Konoha elders to avenge his dear brother. The Godaime Hokage Tsunade, who could learn quickly the capture news, decided to send Team 7 to intercept Taka. However, Sai, Kakashi and Yamato being already sent on a data retrieving mission, she appointed Anko as the temporary team leader, and assigned them Hinata for her perception abilities. Very soon, the new mixed team managed to find their target but unfortunately, the time to get there benefited the now completely rested opponents who were about to finally leave, therefore the fight turned to their own disadvantage. Sasuke, seeing them unconscious, decided to take this opportunity to keep them prisoners in their hideout and get data on the village defenses from them. Karin, who were always traveling with her precious chakra suppressant ropes, had quite some fun tying up the prisoners in various positions. The girls, lightly harmed, were slowly regaining consciousness first. Then, while Sasuke was dealing with Sakura, who he knew she was close to the actual Hokage and hoped to get as much data as he could about her, the other Taka members were leading their own interrogatories, giving free rein to their deep natures…

After that, for what exactly is happening and what may happen next, I do as always, I let the visual speak for itself ^^ By the way, I hope it will stay safe at least until the contest really ends, after I will change it to just a preview pic, so enjoy :D

Characters © Kishimoto Masashi
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oceanserenity Jan 24, 2014  Student General Artist
It won't be long before Naruto gets out of those bonds and goes Kyuubi...XD <3
Sasuke and Sakura seem to be almost enjoying themselves. Naruto however, seems more concerned about what is happening to Hinata then himself.
OMG, am I imagining things or... is Sasuke really smiling?! :faint: :giggle: Seems like he likes what he sees...
you're seeing well :giggle:
Sakura's the one enjoying the interrogation. :lol:
rainwaterfall Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I love this pic
lolzzz why you so cruel ? this is cruel to naruto
Go naruto go bezerk! Make Suigetsu BURN!!!!!!!
If suigetsu burns he will just turn into water LOL !!!!
He would be Boilled alived :D
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