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Commissions, round 2 !

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 6, 2015, 10:20 AM

***[Don't forget, please read the guideline and note me first what type of commission you want (sketch, lineart,...number of characters) so I can manage them ! Thank you!]***

Star!Star!Star! Commissions - On Hold by SweetDukeStar!Star!Star!
[ EDIT : The waiting time is now REALLY LONG, so I think it's better for you to not ask me for commissions for now. When I'll be finished with at least half of the ones I have to do, I'll open them again so I can manage them better ^^ ]

HELLO EVERYONE~! Aaaaand yes, big news if you don't know already, I'm re-opening commissions ! ........But in a very restricted way however. Indeed, as you may know, I'm still working on the coloring of my third doujinshi, and it's still looooooooong as heeeeeeeeeeeeell... TToTT" And I don't know how many months (years??!) more it will take me.
But I assure you, I'm not giving up ! I'm slow, but I will make it for sure ! :iconsoccerrageplz:

Thus the idea, besides answering the demands about commissions, will be quite a mean for me to show you something from time to time, in order to keep some visible activity, and also to clear my mind a bit between my pages, but without delaying toooo much the doujin's release.
That's why I think I'll rather favor little commissions quick to make, to digital artworks which backgrounds are not too complex. Also, I'll now accept little artworks with traditional coloring, as I feel a bit more at ease with it ^^

This commission period will then last in the long term, but with one (or maybe 2-3 little) commission(s) at each of my breaks (depending on how many commissions I have, and difficulty of my pages). That's also why I've preferred to take some advance before posting this journal on dA XD". So please don't hesitate to ask me, but please also understand that you'll likely have to summon your patience Sweating a little...

Rules are the same than before : Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U!  Commissions  Arrow Bullet Left (Purple) - F2U! 
Except that, unfortunately, the exchange rate has evolved a lot with time, and so I have to adapt Euro prices to the USD prices :/
Prices are already established in USD to be round and quite accurate IMO, so they won't change. Only Euro prices are changing.
Today, still with Yahoo Finances, $10 = €8.999 (and 9,086 when I did this post on my blog). Prices will then be recounted as $10 = €9, thank you for your understanding.

Also, thanks to :iconjupmod: for convincing me to reopen commissions, you can see the ones I recently did for him on both our blogs (but not on dA) ! :) (Smile)

And to finish this journal, I just want to say that, no matter how inactive I can be here, I always take a huge pleasure in reading all your comments and see you enjoying my artworks :D (Big Grin) Happy cry (Tears of joy) So if I don't answer, it's either because I don't really know what to say, either because so much time has passed since your comment that I don't feel like it's totally correct to answer... :iconanoplz:
Yeah, kinda not so at ease sometimes lol XD......sorry.

I LOVE YOOOOOUUUUUUU :icondummydanceplz:Rainbow Heart [Free to use] Rainbow Heart [Free to use] Rainbow Heart [Free to use]

Skin by TaNa-Jo
  • Listening to: Choum and Max Boulbil lol


CM - Training break
O___O;....... Ok forgot to upload it here after the blog, at least I'm changing the order lol... Sorry ^^; Especially it was more fitting for autumn XD
So, second commission for :iconjupmod: with a TheLast!Temari having a break after a very intense taijutsu training !

And about now... Back at working on the doujin agaaaaaiiinn !!! :dance: well I have a lot to make up for the lost time on it so I’m gonna focus on it for a few pages before getting back at commissions :)

Merry Christmas, Hanoukka Sameah and Happy new year in advance ! :D Kisses everyone !! :blowkiss:

- - - - - - - - -
Commission (C) :iconjupmod:
Characters (C) Kishimoto Masashi
So... Can we begin ?
So I'm officially FINALLY finished with all of what I had to do, and I'll soon resume on the commissions I have waiting :)

Not really a commish here, but a present I had promised to a friend since sooooooooo long ago that it was starting to get urgent as my darling was getting hassled lol

So here is a DID with the machiavellian Sola-Ui from Fate Zero (absolutely excellent anime!) receiving her guests in her own way...

And before triggering the diplomatic incident thanks to my eternal lateness XD, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, as well to your fiancée a bit early, and I can't wait to finally meet you both ! ^^ Hope you like your present ! ^^

Sola-Ui, Saber, Irisviel © Urobuchi Gen, Type-Moon, Ufotable
CM - Mission failure...?
Hello everyone~:heart:
Vacations did go well thought I feel pretty tired and sick those times -_-", and... I hate to say that, but commissions will be delayed again, as I've received two top priority works to do... :/ I wish so much I could work fasteeeerrr! :crying:

*...long sigh* I totally should have uploaded it like almost two weeks ago, but here is the colored version of the lineart commission I did for :iconlostonezero: :) And rare thing, as I'm pretty proud of the details, and with his agreement, you can see the original size of the pic :D

So...... Did anyone notice where the gala dresses are coming from ? :giggle: It should be a bit easier now that it's colored :lmao:
Hope you like too ! :) And also thanks a lot to everyone who wished me nice holidays !! :hug:

Characters © Kishimoto Masashi
CM lineart - Mission failure...?
Hello~:heart: I'm on vacation so I won't be able to work on commissions or the doujin for now, but I hope I'll come back with all my energy back ! :)

In the meantime, here is a lineart commission for :iconlostonezero: where Tsunade and Ino are living exciting adventures, even if they're a bit immobilized for now... And a macaron if you recognize the ladies' gala dresses :giggle:Purple Macaron bullet l F2U (though it's hard without colors)

EDIT : Colored version : :)

Characters © Kishimoto Masashi


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